QUE LEON – movie review by A.B.G.

‘Que Leon’ is the theatrical debut of Latin singer Ozuna, following a couple with the same last names, with their fathers trying to stop their relationship. This rendition of the classic ‘Romeo and Juliet’ story showcases the versions of comedy, romance and drama the Dominican Republic has to offer, and has been improving by the way. As a Dominican descent myself, I can safely say we’ve had to rely on the same people (ex. Roberto Angel Salcedo) for movies for years, most of which are simply conveyor belt quality, featuring people in silly cosplay and stereotypes that are equal to America’s own Adam Sandler and the Wayans Brothers.

‘Que Leon’ showcases barely any of that, aside from the loud voices performed by the cast that might throw you off if you’re new to Dominican cinema. Aside from that, it’s a pretty harmless rom-com that has its moments for sure. The use of Ozuna’s soundtrack proves that it’s definitely movie material, and I’m wanting to hear it on the screens at least once more.

The story itself is pretty typical, yet entertaining enough. It’s also tied to another similar couple considered in the movie, which feels rather unnecessary but allows for one to find funny. Personally, I found that too cliche for me to laugh, but I’m still walking away satisified with everything else. Overall, ‘Que Leon’ will win the Ozuna fans over.

PROS: + entertaining enough / + has its moments / + nice soundtrack

CONS: – acting might throw one off / – unnecessary subplots

Final rating: 6.5/10


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