MISS BALA (2019) – movie review by A.B.G.

Remake of the 2011 Mexican film of the same name, ‘Miss Bala’ follows ‘Jane the Virgin’ star Gina Rodriguez as she must take out a cartel to get out of the charges made on her after a club shooting. It’s pretty self explanatory.

To add to the last sentence, it’s so self-explanatory that ‘Miss Bala’ hasn’t given me much to say. So expect this review to end after this paragraph. Gina Rodriguez shows her potential as a possible action star, but it’s squandered much like Jennifer Garner in ‘Peppermint’, in favor of probably the most basic action movie in 2019 at this point in the year. There’s also some to little action that basically betrays the trailer which makes the film look more intense, when really it’s just an extended soap opera that’s trying to copy the vibes of ‘Narcos’. Overall, it’s a barely serviceable movie whose only remarkable moment is getting lots of perverts to feast their eyes on the film’s bizarrely long look at Gina’s cleavage.

Okay, so that’s ‘Miss Bala’ in a nutshell. Movie sucks, case closed, should I go get the shovel now?

PROS: + Gina Rodriguez’s acting / + at least the Internet perverts get something LOL

CONS: – cliched AF / – squandered potential / – the trailer is more intense than the movie

Final rating: 4/10


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